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See  Upcoming Events Section Below. Other Recent Activities (including meetings overview) now on “Recent Activities” page

NCAC Needs volunteers!!

Note that the date for applying as a candidate for NCAC positions has passed . However, there are still some delegate and alternate positions open, which can be filled by appointment (and a vote of the NCAC). So, if you have any interest in being on the NCAC, and involved with your nearby community, here are the Openings:

  • Agricultural representative

  • Area 8 (Lodge Hill, Top of the World) Alternate

  • Business alternate

  • Hispanic alternate

Additionally, we welcome residents to join our committees — Land Use, Transportation/Traffic and Outreach.

If you have any questions about which area you live in, the area maps are on our “About/Area Maps” page.

Note that we've modified the website a bit -- added 2 new sections: "Land Use" and "Transportation" -- these are important areas in the community, so we separated issues related to these two, to have their own pages.

Also, see the "Recent Activities" page for recent stuff, including NCAC monthly meetings


NCAC Meetings and Recent Items:

  • The next NCAC monthly meeting will be on Wednesday 19 June, 2024 at 6PM, via Zoom. Zoom invite is HERE

  • Note that some recent links have been added below. These include items which CCSD has sent to various committees for study. Also, we've provided links to allow interested parties to comment on the proposed Morro Bay Windfarm project. 

  • The county Board of Supervisors is investigating a Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC) for SLO county. While the initial BOS meeting on this has passed, residents are still able to pass comments on the IRC to the BOS. You can send a message for all Board members at:  (be sure to put IRC in the subject line). ​

  • The SLO county supervisors recently completed a survey of Community Area Councils (of which NCAC is one of 11, for the unincorporated areas of the county). At their meeting on 5 December, the BOS voted to accept the revised rules for CACs, with an invitation to the community to "weigh in" with comments. The BOS will then review the handbook in the next year, and update as necessary.  Links to the various documents are below:

    • Survey results -- HERE

    • Revised CAC Handbook -- HERE

Summaries of recent meetings and other activities may be found on the "Recent Activities" page, while meeting minutes may be found on the "Minutes of Meetings" page. 

Following a recent meeting, county planner Kip Morais reached out to  the Parks Department after the meeting and got this:

Based on discussions with planning staff on other storm damaged infrastructure along coast, per County regulations – emergency permits may be issued to implement temporary stabilization measures, and may require additional permits i.e. grading/ encroachment permit(s) as applicable.  We determine this in consultation with Coastal Commission staff and other dept staff.   After the emergency ceases, and within 30 days of issuance, a proper Minor Use Permit / Coastal Development permit application shall be submitted to have the improvements carefully reviewed in compliance with the County coastal codes and policies. This may result in possible removal and/or alterations of the improvement installed.

An emergency permit will not speed up the process for implementing the ultimate long term project, it is just a way to stabilize vulnerable infrastructure temporarily until a permanent fix can per fully designed permitted and implemented. The coastal accessways do not meet the criteria for an emergency permit.  Here is the full code section below:

Emergency Permit 

About the North Coast Advisory Council

San Luis Obispo County established interactive advisory councils serving as information conduits for unincorporated areas of the county.   The North Coast Advisory Council (NCAC) was formed in 1996. The area covered by the NCAC ranges from Harmony going north to the Monterey County line, from the ocean going east to Rocky Butte.

Objectives: The NCAC is the North Coast community’s connection to decision-makers in county government on issues such as land use, planning, traffic and circulation, policing and code enforcement.
Our Mission: Establish an organization representative of the people of the North Coast Area in matters of civic interest, and to represent the community before all bodies, public and private, where the subject is appropriate to the objectives of the NCAC.

Council Members: NCAC members are elected by their neighbors to serve seven geographical voting areas in Cambria and one in San Simeon.  These elected members serve two year terms.  The Council also appoints representatives for business, agriculture, environment and Latina/Latino interests.

  • ​New Brochures (Mar 2022)

    • NCAC Printable Brochure (English)

    • NCAC Printable Brochure (Spanish)

  • See the NCAC Governing documents (by-laws, etc.) on the “About/Governing documents” page

If you have an interest in being a delegate, alternate, or on a committee,  Contact us.

If you have interest in being either a delegate, alternate, or member of one of the NCAC committees, contact Karen Chrisman (Outreach Committee Chair),  Brian Glusovich (NCAC Chair), or any of the NCAC delegates or committee members (see "About" page on website) or send email to

Contact Info for the SLO County Sheriff’s office



  • See the County Sheriff’s contact page, to contact various divisions of the Sheriff’s office

  • For Emergencies, as always, call 911

  • For non-emergencies, or if you’re unsure about what type of report to submit, call the sheriff’s dispatch at (805) 781-4550

  • For non-emergencies, The Public Safety Citizens Service Portal is available at . This will lead you to the most appropriate area for your online report (e.g., vandalism, graffiti, etc.)

Healthcare Notes

The Cambria Community Healthcare District (CCHD) is conducting outreach sessions twice a month at Farmers Market. Hands-only CPR will be demonstrated at each session. This could well be a lifesaving skill, and is very easy to learn.

SLO County  Building & Planning Websites (See additional SLO County codes/documents on the “About/Governing documents” page)

Link to County Code on Residential Vacation Rentals

23.08.165 – Residential Vacation Rentals

Map of Licensed SLO County Vacation Rentals

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