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NCAC voting areas cover Cambria and San Simeon.  There are 8 geographical voting areas.  One is San Simeon, the other seven are in Cambria.  Council members serve two-year terms, with election for odd-numbered areas (1,3,5,7) held in odd-numbered years.  Election for even-numbered areas (2,4,6,8) in even-numbered years.

Following are the defined areas, including a detailed listing of Voting Addresses by area and associated street Maps showing the footprint of the individual areas.

Area 1          San Simeon
Area 2          Leimert
Area 3          Park Hill
Area 4          Pine Knolls, San Simeon Creek
Area 5          Lodge Hill, East of Highway 1
Area 6          Lodge Hill, West & Marine Terrace
Area 7          Lodge Hill, Central
Area 8          Lodge Hill, Top of the World

NCAC, AREA Voting addresses

Area Representative areas are designated by these maps.

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