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Land Use Activities

This page will be directed to covering various Land Use activities of the NCAC, including site visits, upcoming committee meetings, referrals and other land use issues.

Also included on the Land Use page will be items of general community interest involving land use decisions, whether or not they involve county referrals. These might include the decisions on the Chumash National Marine Sanctuary and the experimental wind farms proposed for the Morro Bay and Cambria areas.

The Land Use Committee reviews County land use proposals and makes recommendations concerning their impact on the Community such as compatibility, flooding and drainage, emergency services, disaster planning, traffic, public transit, etc. The Land Use Committee compares projects to requirements as outlined in the North Coast Area Plan and Coastal Zone Land Use Ordinance Title 23

Activities -- Committee meetings, site visits

  • The last NCAC Land Use Committee Meeting was held, via Zoom, on Monday 8 April 2024 at 12PM. The referral discussed is the Przybyslawski Minor Use Permit/CDP at 2675 Sherwood Drive in the community of Cambria; link to the plan is HERE

Next LUC meeting



The next LUC meeting will be held via Zoom on Tuesday, 9 July at 10 AM. Zoom invite is HERE. The meeting will go over this month's site visits to 5005 Whitehall Ave and 400 Monte Cristo Pl. Links to view these MUP applications and plans are available below. 


Current LUC activities 

  • Snell MUP for addition and remodel at 1510 Benson Ave. Link to plan HERE

  • Johnson MUP for addition and remodel at 200 Harmony Ranch Road. Link to plan HERE

  • California State Parks MUP for replacement of 2 modular offices and the addition of a 3rd modular office. Link to plan HERE

  • California State Parks MUP for replacement of 5 modular offices consisting of 12 units with 5 modular offices consisting of 15 units. Link to plan HERE

  • Przybyslawski MUP for demolition and new single-family residence at 2675 Sherwood Dr. Link to plan HERE

  • Lyengar/ Gopalan MUP for a new single-family residence on an undeveloped lot. Link to plan HERE

  • California State Parks referral for modular housing at SS State Park

  • Cambria Skate Park -- link to the latest Land Use Committee report (voted on by NCAC and submitted to county) is HERE

  • Brambles Renovation -- Last LUC submittal to county was March 2023. Link to resubmittal is HERE  plans are HERE. LUC recommendations HERE. Public zoom meeting with County Planning Friday, 7 June 9AM notice HERE.

  • A request by Atlas Towers to allow the construction and operation of a new wireless broadband communications facility. Link to the application is HERE.

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